Your Dolls Lucky Clover!

Sunday, 30 October 2011

Free Rebecca Bonbon Cupcake!

Free RBB Cupcake

Go to your Scenery Page and scroll up to the top of the page and look in he left top corner. there will be a cupcake, click on it and it will take you to the club, join it then go to your suite! you will have RBB bag with a mirror and a cupcake in it! (This Only Works in the UK) i will put the International one later.

Friday, 21 October 2011


Join the First Official Stardoll Sims Club! When you join you get free sims gifts.

If you live in the USA Click Here to join the club!

If you dont live in USA Then go to one of these Proxies: Or Or
When you go on one of these proxies, put in the URL Box and then press the enter button or click on go.

Log in stardoll and then paste this link in the URL proxy box:

Free Stardoll Fallen Angel Wings!

Free Fallen Angel Wings!
Perfect for Halloween!
if your from these countries you can get them with no proxy
Netherlands: Click HERE
Poland:Click HERE
Turkey:Click HERE

If you not from any of those countries then go to any of these proxies: Or Or

Then Put in The URL Box

Then press go or press the button Enter.
Log in and then enter the competition then after you entered it wait for the page to load then come of the proxy and go to stardoll. it would be in a bag in your suite :) 

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Join The Disney Fashion Lounge Club!

Join Now to Get Free Fashion Ferniture For Your Suite Rooms!

The Bed Covers and Bed Have Already Been Given Out so join Quick to get the other items!
to join this Clucb Just follow these instructions...
If you Live in the US Then Click Here

if you dont live in the US then go to one of these Proxies: Or Or
then Paste This Link is The URL proxie Box:

It should take you to stardoll, Log in and then it should be on the disney fashion lounge page, it would already Made you amember when you visited it.
log out and get off the proxie.
Then The Gifts will be in your Suite when it reaches those members.

You Get a free Dancing Floor for who ever joined so you will get that As soon as you a member.

Sunday, 9 October 2011


These are all the codes i have at the moment to get clothes for your dollie! there are only 3 codes which mean 3 pieces of clothing!if there are more codes then i will add them to this list so come back to see if any more are found! (These codes are for Free!)to use the codes just log in stardoll and click Here! Scroll down to the Gift code Section and then paste your code In The Gift code Box!

1.My Style Jacket! Code is:RH-D4JJNP3KA
2. Top Trends Dress! Code Is:RH-VSYDKK6PR
3.Handbook Dress! Code:RH-ZZSJ486M3

No Proxies are used and it works for every country! they should all appear in a Starplaza Bag in your Suite!


Get your Free lipstick Now!
To Get The Candy Floss Pink Lipstick Just Log in stardoll and Click Here!
It Would Appear In your Dresser Room! Just Put in your Trollie and Click Buy!
it would appear in your Beauty Parlor in the Makeup Section in a Purple Bag! (No Proxies Used)

To Get The Chocolate Brown Lipstick all You have to is this:    (Proxies Are used In This)
1.If you Live In Brazil Then Click Here and enter the quiz and then it would be in your Makeup Parlor!if you dont live in brazil Then Go To These Proxies: or
2Choose any Proxy Then Paste this link in the Web address box of the proxy: after you done that click on go or press enter on your keyboard!
3.Log in stardoll
4.Do the quiz! (dont have to be right!)
5. Click Submit(Enter competition)
6.wait for the page to load then leave the proxy and go to the normal Stardoll! it should be in a Purple bag in the makeup area in the Beauty parlor! 


There is finally a shop with makeup in it for Non Superstar! But not all makeup is Non Superstar!
If you looking for this shop in the plaza, well it is not in there at the moment but i will be adding the link to take you there soon! so Come back soon to see if i uploaded it! I Will be making a topic soon about the free LIPSTICK! there are only Candy Floss Pink And Chocolate brown! So Come Back soon to see If i put them Up!

I Have NOW added the free lipsticks And the link to the Makeup Shop! to get to the Shop Click Here! and to get the free Lipstick Click Here!